You can start thinking about your artwork and/or design ideas now. Submissions can be made at any time

from January 1st 2018.



All submissions must be entered no later than 26th April 2018.

There are two Award categories. The first revolves around an artwork which can be reproduced as a product such as a print, a poster or a greeting card. The second Award is for the design of a product which is commercially viable and revolves around the theme of Brilliant Arabia.


Award One; Art into Product

Create an artwork on the theme of Brilliant Arabia that is suited to commercial reproduction. It may be a painting, a graphic or a photographic montage.


The submissions will be judged on;

Aesthetic achievement.

Relevance to theme.

Commercial potential.


Award Two; Design for Retail

Design a product which takes its inspiration from Brilliant Arabia. The proposal can take the form of a visualisation, a working prototype or simply a great idea which is powerfully portrayed.


The submissions will be judged on;

Consumer appeal.

Relevance to the theme.

Viability and commercial potential.

The theme of both Awards is;




Entries will portray the colour, vibrancy and positivity of Arabia. Submissions can feature people, landscapes, buildings or simply be abstract interpretations. All media, digital and/or physical are acceptable, including painting, photography, illustration, graphics or 3-dimensional works.

Young Creatives is an Award program sponsored by Gallery One. The objective of the program is to give young people a sense of career potential in the arts.


There are two categories and the winner in each category will have their creative work turned into commercial products, sold through Gallery One.


From January 1st 2018,

submissions can be sent to;


Files should be no more than 2.5mb

and in either jpeg or PDF format.



It’s always hard to begin the creative process. Here are some tips to help you get started;


Use a pencil to sketch out your thoughts and ideas.

If no good ideas happen - return to it later. Have many ideas and don’t get stuck on one.


Share your ideas with your teacher, your family or friends. It’s always useful to get another view and embrace another perspective.


A good idea can be simple or complex. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t be brilliant.


Always refer to the judging criteria. Test your idea against these requirements.













Teachers can contact us on the email address, below. We cannot respond to individual student enquires.